Lata melodies – top 20 from Kalyanji Anandji

All of us are lucky to have heard and seen Lata Mangeshkar – the legend. Her range, strength, sweetness and flexibility of voice have made her the queen of hindi film music. When you hear Lata, you sometimes feel that on one else in the world can sing like Lata. Kalyanji-Anandji have composed some beautiful songs sung by Lata characterized by enchanting tunes, lilting rendition and beautifully expressed emotions. I listed below top 20 songs of Lata composed by Kalyanji-Anandji.

Enjoy some of these songs in the player below.

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1) Ye Samaa – Jab Jab Phool Khile
Truly a masterpiece. The soft composition could only have been created for Lata. The beautiful western orchestration adds a special romantic soft touch. The humming of Lata and the beautiful flow into the tune is another highlight.

2) Mere dil ne jo maanga – Rakhwala

A brisk song, you can feel the carefree and joy filled abandon of the heroine in this song. The orchestration features short notes that follow each other and blend quickly to add a special lilting touch to this song. Notice how the antras are set to different tunes, yet blend beautifully into the Mukhda.

3) Kankariya marke jagaya – Himalay Ki Goud Mein

This film was a turning point for KA. All the songs were a hit. The two Lata songs deserve places of their own. Again a lilting touch emphasized by Lata’s great voice.


4) Ek Tu Jo Mila – Himalay Ki Goud Mein
This song was selected among the top 10 Lata songs on the occasion of Lata’s silver jubilee in films. Again, the special combination of melody and lilting touches that characterise many KA songs. The flute and strings add the himalayan touch!

5) Bedardi Dagabhaaz – Bluffmaster

This song is sweet, and is based on a classical raga. This is one of the earliest attempts by Kalyanji-Anandji of providing a classical base.

6) Chandan sa badan – Saraswati chandra

When you hear the Mukesh song and Lata song, you will notice that KA slowed it down for Lata. This enables Lata to caress each note of the song lovingly with Indivar’s lyrics.

7) Hum the jinke sahare – Safar
Again a beautiful song, set to a pleasing western orchestration. The tune is so simple and yet so beautifully composed. Lata rendered it with heartfelt feeling.


8) Tu jahan bhi rahe – Upkar
A very simple and beautifully composed tune. The lyrics are simple, yet they have been rendered feelingly by Lata. The antra has been woven together beautifully in this enhanting melody.

9) Mere padnein mein nahin – Kora Kagaz
Though Lata got an award for the other song from this film – Roote Roote piya, my personal favorite is this breezy number again characterized by the lovely pause-start patterns.

10) Babul Pyare – Johny Mera Naam
This song is typical of the long notes that KA use quite often in their songs. Set to beautiful flute music and beautifully choreographed in the movie, Lata brings out the longing for parent beautifully in this song.

kalyanji and lata11) Jis path pe tu chala – Yaadgar
Again a very simple song, yet makes for compelling hearing.

12) Akele hoon main – Raaz
Set to haunting music, Lata touches the high notes. Mohd Rafi also sang the same song, but Lata adds her own special touch. I maybe wrong, but I believe this is Rajesh Khanna’s first film as a hero.

13) Mera pardesi naa aaya – Mere Humsafar
Again a song that touches high notes and captures the yearning beautifully.

14) Ja Re Jaa o harjaee – Kalicharan

A lively number, this one is characterized by a lovely rhythm set to well choreographed dance movements on the screen.

15) Teri Raahon mein – Chalia

One of the early hits of KA, Lata emotes well in this Nutan song.

16) Dil bekarar sa hai – Ishara

A beautiful lilting song, characterized by the simple and catchy tunes that make KA songs so easy to hum and popular.  I am sure you will be humming this soon.

17) Jis Dil mein basa thaa – Saheli

A Binace Geet Mala topper, this was also a landmark movie for KA.

18) Dil to hai Dil – Muqaddar ka sikandar

Set to beautiful piano accompaniment, this song captures the lilting effect beautifully.


19) Banake Kyon Bigada – Zanjeer

Once you hear this song, you will appreciate not only Lata’s rendition, but will also admire the haunting interlude music. Again, the beautifully composed antra is the highlight in this song.

20) Aaj ki raat – Vishwas

Truly a haunting melody with some unusual variations in the tune.

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    Lata ji me aap ka fan hoon

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