Top chorus hits of Kalyanji-Anandji

Chorus songs abound in Hindi film music. However, Kalyanji Anandji’s talent for capturing rhythm in songs makes their chorus songs standout from the rest. I have selected only 10 from their many chorus songs. In all these songs, the chorus is an integral part of the song. It is difficult to imagine or sing these songs without the chorus element. In a few of these songs, the chorus  also stands out as a highlight and has a distinctive appeal. Listen to the chorus following the prelude in the Purab aur Paschim song ‘Hai preet jahan je reet sada‘. This distinctive and catchy chorus is used in key situations of the movie as background music to elevate the visual scenes.

Enjoy 8 of their best chorus songs, in the player below:

If you are in the USA or Canada, you can also listen to the songs in the player below. The player automatically shuffles songs. It does not display the list of songs before hand (to retain an element of surprise). You can use the skip button as well a limited number of times, but I am sure you will not need the skip button for these 8 gems. Click the play arrow to enjoy the chorus hits of KA!

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1) Maiya Ganga Maiya – Suhaag raat

The magic of Lata’s voice and the beautiful chorus make this an appealing song. Listen to the higher pitches of the male chorus towards the end of the song.

2) Sama hai suhana suhana – Ghar Ghar Ki kahani


A tune that everyone sways to. The beautiful humming of the chorus almost seem like an extension of the main song.

3) Hai preet jahan ki reet sada– Purab aur Paschim

Kalyanji-Anandji found rhyhtm in everyday things! In this song, Mahendra Kapoor’s prelude is set to a tapping rhythm on a matchbox!


If you patiently wait for this prelude to finish, you will hear the beautiful chorus that starts to the rhythm of the clicking of a finger!. This song, in my view, is one of KA’s most pleasing compositions that captures the patriotic fervour in a beautiful melody set to foot tapping rhythm.

4) Mere desh ki dharti – Upkar

This has become an ICONIC song – synonymous with patriotism. This was one song that everyone worked on painstakingly. It is said that this song took more than a complete day for recording. If you observe the visuals in the movie, each element of the prelude, mukhda and the first interlude music has been synchronised beautifully with the visuals (cow bells, rope and flying birds included!).  This song is so popular that it does not need a description. Mahendra Kapoor’s voice touches high notes effortlessly. The chorus has come to symbolize patriotism, rural life and the joys of agrarian culture.

5) Jhoom Barabar Jhoom Sharabi – 5 rifles

This sharaabi song had everyone swinging to the tune when it was first released. This is by Aziz Nazan and chorus and features in the soundtrack of I S Johar’s 5 Rifles that had music by Kalyanji-Anandji.

6) Main to Bhool chali – Saraswati Chandra

Set to beautiful Garba rhythm, this song is also an ICONIC song – synonymous with Navrathri celebrations in Gujarat.Garba

7) Govinda aala re – Bluff Master


An ICONIC song synonymous with Janmashtami. Mohd Rafi’s refreshing vocals and the chorus capture the joy of the celebrations.

8) Mose mera shyam rootha – Johny Mera Naam

The chorus is the highlight – of course, apart from Lata’s voice!

9) Bhajan Bina Chain na aaye ram – Rafoo Chakkar

Aziz Nazan with his distinctive nasal tone gives this a wonderful devotional appeal. The chorus once again becomes integral to this song.

10) Oye Oye Tirchi topiwale – Tridev

Once again, Kalyanji-Anandji demonstrate how chorus can elevate a song – You cannot imagine this song without the chorus. Oye Oye was on everyone’s lips and adds a distinctive lilting touch to the song. Another standout feature of the song is the brilliant orchestration and rhythm. The words Oye Oye were taken from an international song.

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5 Responses to Top chorus hits of Kalyanji-Anandji

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  2. RAJAY BIDKAR says:

    Successful musician duo In Bollywood
    Kudos to them gr8 personns

  3. KB says:

    During their heydays they really came up with several hit songs apart from the chorus songs. Their solos were unique.

    • RSBAAB Ravi says:

      True KB……What you said is absolutely right. I tried to present the wonderful music of Kalyanji-Anandji from 6 different perspectives – 1) their hits with Mukesh, 2) their mastery of string instruments 3) their delightful solos with Lata 4) their chorus songs 5) magical duets and 6) their everlasting contribution to Hindi film music which is a legacy that makes them immortal. Apart from chorus songs and duets, the other 4 articles have a number of memorable, evergreen solo songs. Hope you enjoy their solos as well in the other articles.

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